Inițiativa România has asked the US Department of State to suspend the entry to the US of the Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Liviu Dragnea

(Bucharest, 24.04.2018) Inițiativa România – Press Release

The civic movement Inițiativa România (En: Initiative Romania) has asked the US Department of State to suspend the visa and to deny the entry to the territory of the United States of Mr. Liviu Dragnea, President of the Social Democratic Party and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies – the lower chamber of the Parliament of Romania, in consideration of the Proclamation 7750 of January 12, 2004 issued by the President of the United States, section 1 – letter (c), section 3, section 4 and section 6 and the Regulation 22 CFR 41.122 – Revocation of visas.

According to the Proclamation 7750, “in light of […]  the serious negative effects that corruption of public institutions has on the United States efforts to promote security and to strengthen democratic institutions and free market systems”, as well as taking into account “the importance to the United States and the international community of fighting corruption“, the entry into the United States of the current or former public officials “whose misappropriation of public funds or interference with the judicial, electoral, or other public processes has or had serious adverse effects on the national interests of the United States” is suspended.  

The presidential Proclamation 7750, upon which Inițiativa România based its request for Mr. Dragnea’s visa suspension, defines serious adverse effects on the national interests of the United States as follows: “serious adverse effects on the international economic activity of U.S. businesses, U.S. foreign assistance goalsthe security of the United States against transnational crime and terrorism, or the stability of democratic institutions and nations”.

Mr. Liviu Dragnea fulfils all the criteria provided by the Proclamation 7750, as he is convicted, sent to trial or under criminal investigations in 4 criminal files (3 in Romania and 1 in Brazil) for offenses such as electoral fraud, European funds fraud, money laundering or abuse of office. Moreover, Mr. Dragnea is the patron of an offensive, that was initiated in January 2017, against the rule of law and the independent justice system, which threatens both the stability of Romania and its democratic institutions, and the investigation of transnational crime, especially crossborder corruption and terrorism.

The civic movement Inițiativa România considers that Mr. Liviu Dragnea has become a serious and imminent danger to democracy, rule of law and to Romania’s and its NATO and EU allies’ security. Mr. Dragnea must receive a clear signal that Romania has to remain on its democratic path and that the strategic partnership between the US and Romania is built on common democratic values and on the full compliance to the rule of law standards. Hijacking the European and Euro-Atlantic path of Romania by a convict with criminal interests against the interests of over 20 million Romanian citizens has to receive an unequivocal and definitive answer, both from within Romania and from abroad.

Inițiativa România a solicitat Departamentului de Stat al SUA suspendarea vizei lui Liviu Dragnea by Initiativa Romania on Scribd

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